A Photographic Mission To Find Pretty In The Ugly

About Pretty Ugly Gallery


PRETTY UGLY GALLERY started in 2013 when Howie Ronay was walking his road bike through an alleyway behind his apartment building in downtown Chicago and something caught his eye: a rusted out dumpster.

“I can’t say why this dumpster stopped me, but for some reason it just did. It’s exterior was full of vibrant colors like you’d find in a painting. And when I looked closer, the cracked paint made beautiful patterns. So, I started snapping pictures of this dumpster with my iPhone. I must’ve looked like a crazy person holding my phone to a dumpster in an alley with my bike helmet on. When I got back to my apartment, I started playing with the saturation and the contrast levels, and I was immediately hooked. But before I could start an Instagram feed, I needed the perfect name that captured the concept. "Pretty Ugly" hit me and I loved that it played off a common colloquial and that there was inherent tension in the contrast of terms. The next day I posted the first images to Instagram and Pretty Ugly Gallery was born.”

For any questions or comments, email the artist at info@prettyuglygallery.com